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Pamela Sullivan was born in Dublin in 1980 and had delevoped a passion for painting during her time in school but opted for life experiene over formal training and has continuely delevoped her skills every since.

After a lengthy career in hairdressing Pamela has chosen to focus on painting not just for it’s passion but to produce finished pieces of work. And when Pamela and her sister set up Aviary Lane, A Boutique hair salon on South Anne street in Dublin, she was inspired to fallow the theme and start painting birds. She loves birds, and her paintings express her love for the natural world, and include portraits of exotic birds that capture the birds unique splendour, their individual personality and the beauty of their feathers.

Pamela’s choice of medium is oil paint, and she uses both the brush and palette knife to achieve many techniques within one painting, creating movement and texture to tell a story with the paint itself.

A mum of two young children living in Skerries, Co.Dublin, Pamela has featured frequently in group exhibitions such as RDS, Art source in 2017, 2018 and up in coming in October 2019 a collaborative exhibitition with a selected number of artist featuring nature, in Agora gallery, in Chelsea in New York.

Pamela has continually enjoyed working with many clients to create comissioned pieces and really enjoyed the collaborative experience. If you are looking to work alongside Pamela please do not hestiate to reach out to her on the contact page if you have any queries.

She hopes you enjoy her work.

Please beaware that prices listed on the paintings do not include shipping or taxes and charges.